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Vegan Images

Worldwide 16 billion chickens, 1.4 billion cattle, one billion ducks and the same amount for sheep, nearly one billion pigs, 845 million rabbits, 743 million goats, 251 million turkeys, 246 million geese are held captive (state 2002). In addition there are myriads of insects (for example many millions of "honey bees", "silk worms") and fishes (who are looked at as individuals so few that they are only specified in tons) of an unknown number and many other species. This imprisonment serves the main purpose of eating their corpses, glandular secretions, and eggs, to produce clothing and other consumer goods from their skins, and many other purposes.

Maqi - for Animal Rights, Against Speciesism stands up for a realization of animal rights (for example the right of physical and psychical intactness), the abolition of discrimination based on species membership (analogous to anti-racism and anti-sexism) and the establishment of a vegan society. Contact: Maqi - für Tierrechte, gegen Speziesismus, c/o Achim Stößer, Brauhausgasse 2, D-63628 Bad Soden-Salmünster, Germany, phone +049 06056 9177888, (state May 7,2005)

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Author:Achim Stößer