New York Times

Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, not only stood by Mr. Singer but also imagined a few perfectly innocent human-animal sex acts: "If a girl gets sexual pleasure from riding a horse, does the horse suffer? If not, who cares? If you French kiss your dog and he or she thinks it's great, is it wrong? We believe all exploitation and abuse is wrong." But she added, "If it isn't exploitation and abuse, it may not be wrong."

(New York Times, Meldung vom 9. Juni 2001)

Entgegen Ullmanns und Newkirks Behauptung lehnt sie also keineswegs das Reiten ab. Sei sagt zwar, sie würden "glauben, jede Ausbeutung und Mißhandlung sei falsch", zählt aber das Reiten, wie hier ganz klar wird, nicht dazu.

Autor:Achim Stößer