Maqi - for Animal Rights, Against Speciesism

There is an English language leavlet, "Vegan Images", showing victims of non-veganism associated with exploiter's speciesist words.

Currently most of the texts on this site are not available in English, but we provide three English language sites: (animal rights pictures) 

animal rights pictures

There are also three campaign sites in English: 

Milk Abolition Campaign
Milk Abolition Campaign

 vegan kids photos 

vegan children

 vegetarians are murderers 

vegetarians are murderers

You may also want to read our

Agenda or to visit our large ...
... animal rights photo file (German captions) and ...
... animal rights photo file (English captions - run through a translation tool, so the results may sound weird if they do make sense at all)

or one of our partner sites, some of them with further English information, especially If you have any questions or suggestions or if you are a native English speaker and want to support our work by translating and/or proofreading some of our texts please mail to

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